Staff & Vestry

Meet the staff and vestry (governing board of members) of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Along with the paid staff, a host of wonderful volunteers makes everything run smoothly, starting with the all-volunteer vestry officers and members. Without the partnership of our staff and members, we would be ill-equipped to participate in God’s mission as we do.

The Rev. Adam Thomas, Rector

Pastor Adam began his ministry with the people of St. Mark’s in February of 2014, after having served two previous parishes in Massachusetts and West Virginia. “The best part of ordained ministry,” says Adam, “is walking with people through the most important moments of their lives – both the joyful and the sorrowful.” He has a passion for preaching and for board games, and he still plays soccer whenever he can. Adam lives in Mystic with his wife Leah and their precocious twins.

David Tubbs, Director of Music

David Tubbs has been with St. Mark’s since 1985 and, through the years, has greatly enjoyed working together with all the wonderful people who have served through the ministry of music. David and his wife reside in Gales Ferry and spend much of their time enjoying their children and grandchildren.  “I love music that is performed from the heart,” says David. And therefore he always looks forward with excitement to working with the choirs and instrumental ensembles  in offering heart-felt music.

dandDan Dinovelli, Sexton

Dan Dinovelli has been cleaning our facilities since 2009. He walks to work everyday from his home up the hill. “I like interacting with everyone I meet at the church,” he says. Dan helps his wife Nancy get ready for the yearly Christmas Bazaar. They live in Mystic, and their house has two empty bedrooms, as both of their children are off at college.

Faithe Emerich, Communications Coordinator

Faithe is an Arizona native who now calls Connecticut home after moving here in 2006.  Her husband and two sons are the epicenter of her world, while her passion for faith and communications keep drawing her into new adventures.  She began working as the Director of Youth and Education Ministries at St. John’s in Niantic in 2019, and is now thrilled to also be working at St. Mark’s as the new Communications Coordinator.  She enjoys non-fiction books, coffee and Mac computers.

Krista Geer, Nursery

Krista Geer is possibly the most over-qualified person ever to hold down the fort in our Sunday nursery. Currently working for the Special Education department of Waterford’s Friendship School, Krista once ran an in-home daycare program for eight years. In the nursery, she works alongside adult and teen volunteers to care for our many (and multiplying) infants and toddlers. “I love to snuggle babies and play with toddlers,” says Krista. “Drooly smiles and giggles are the best!”


2021 Vestry

Bev Olsen, Senior Warden
Kurt Cramer, Junior Warden
Eric Bookmiller, Clerk
Dave Cruthers, Treasurer

Celina Ortiz † Teresa Norris † Lynn Batcho
Brae Rafferty † Katy Roberts † Christian Cloutier
Mon Dickinson † Bill Merrill † Louisa Broadbent
Ann Ragsdale † Gene Roure † Ted Kietzman

If you’d like the vestry to hear something, you can email them at

What does a vestry do?

The dedicated members of the vestry partner with the rector to guide the community of St. Mark’s to closer relationships with God. While the vestry is often seen simply as the “governing board” of the parish, its decisions go beyond mere policy, affecting not just the structure and finances of the church, but also the spiritual lives of its people. As such, members of the vestry take on a sacred duty to listen to God, one another, the members of the parish, and the deep hunger of the world, and then discern how the community of St. Mark’s is called to use our unique giftedness to bring God’s kingdom closer to earth.

For an archive of vestry meeting minutes, please click here.