For Children

On Sunday mornings during the school year, children aged three through fourth grade enter a specially designed and furnished room to participate in a wonderful, transformative forty minutes called Godly Play.®

What Makes Godly Play Different?

Imagined, written, tested, and refined by world-renowned expert in the spirituality of children the Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman, Godly Play approaches the education of children in the church from a radical angle. What if children know as much as adults about God’s movement in creation, but they just don’t have the language system to express it? Godly Play nurtures this language with its deceptively simple, yet beautifully deep, method of telling stories, as well as teaching that their imagination and creativity are excellent ways to connect with God.

Godly Play invites children to use such unfettered imaginations and innate creativity as they discover the stories of the Bible, the parables of Jesus, and the liturgical movement of the church. The Godly Play story- teller uses various media  sand, felt, wooden figures, among others – to bring children into the story. At the end of the telling, the children have a chance to wonder, answering questions such as: “I wonder which part of the story was about you?” Notice that this question does not have a yes/no answer. Instead, the storyteller encourages the children to engage the questions on a deeper level than “trying to figure out what the adult wants me to say.” After wondering, the children have the opportunity to work themselves with the pieces of the story, or they can make art or do any other creative response to the story they wish.

Be a Storyteller

Our storytellers are always looking for more volunteers to share in this amazing ministry. Storytellers often report that their own spirituality is nurtured in the act of sharing the stories with children. Perhaps this is your opportunity to serve God at St. Mark’s. Let Fr. Adam know if you are interested in learning more.

View Godly Play Stories

For more information about Godly Play and to see stories in action, check out the official Godly Play Youtube Channel here.

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