Toddler Playgroup

For over 25 years, the St. Mark’s Toddler Playgroup has served a unique role in caring for 2-year-olds in the Mystic area. The membership of the playgroup is made up by half children in the Birth to Three program and half  “typical peers” (that is, children who are considered to be developing “typically”). The “Birth-to-Three-ers” range from having speech or motor delays to being on the autism spectrum to having special needs. By nurturing children with special needs and their peers in the same classroom, both groups benefit by exposure to the other: those with special needs gain confidence in skills modeled by their peers; and the peers develop their nascent worldview to include friends with needs and abilities different than their own.

As an independent, non-parochial organization, the St. Mark’s Toddler Playgroup serves the mission we at St. Mark’s believe God calls us to support, but the playgroup itself has no faith-based affiliation.

To learn more about this wonderful program, please visit the playgroup website by clicking here.