Pastoral Care

One of the mission God gives to all people is caring for each other. At St. Mark’s a dedicated group of parishioners partner with the rector to provide this care to those who are suffering from illness, recovering from surgery, restricted from leaving home, and residing at nursing facilities.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Every Sunday right after communion, specially trained lay people come up to the altar; accept a small, circular box containing the consecrated bread and a copy of the day’s sermon; and receive a prayer of blessing and sending from the congregation. Then they lead the procession out of the sanctuary with their precious cargo. When the service is over, they go out and bring communion to those unable to attend church, thus stitching those people into the Body of Christ (the community) who just received the Body of Christ (the Eucharistic bread). This weekly ministry means so much to the people we visit, and those who are a part of it feel quite honored to be the vehicles who bear communion abroad.

The Prayer Chain

Every single day, members of St. Mark’s pray for each other and for those brought to our attention as needing prayer. Even when one doesn’t know who is praying for you, the act of lifting someone up from your own heart into the heart of God is a holy and powerful act. To add someone to the prayer chain, please see the form at the bottom of the “Contact Us” page.

Services at Care Facilities

On the last Monday of the month, Fr. Adam and parishioner Pam Allen bring the previous day’s communion up the hill to Mystic Healthcare. A simple service for half a dozen or so residents, the best part (besides being with the residents) is singing the old hymns like “In the Garden” and “Rock of Ages.”

The Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry brings together knitters and crocheters who weave beautiful shawls to be given to people who are sick or in grief. A prayer shawl is a wonderful physical reminder that we are wrapped in God’s presence at all times.

The Ride Program

No longer driving and need a ride to church? No problem. Our drivers will come and pick you up. We hope to expand this service for doctors appointments in the future.