Parish Life

It is certainly possible to be a Christian in isolation, but we believe the support, friendship, and love shared in community brings us into deeper relationship with God than we could possibly find on our own. At St. Mark’s, we share hospitality in myriad ways throughout the year.

Fellowship Time

After services on Sunday morning, parishioners gather for coffee and goodies in the Undercroft below the church (or for lemonade on the lawn during the summer). Catered by different members each week, fellowship time allows us to catch up with each other and welcome new folks into our midst.

Celebration Breakfasts

Several times a year, we forgo the forum hour between services and hold celebration breakfasts instead. This happens notably on Balloon Sunday (the Sunday after Labor Day), Celebration Sunday (a Sunday in October when we celebrate our giving to God), and the Annual Meeting (the last Sunday in January when we conduct yearly parish business). The food at these breakfast is, predictably, spectacular.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Part fellowship time, part mission to feed the lonely, our annual Thanksgiving Dinner delivers several hundred home-cooked and then packaged meals to area residents who have no place to go on Thanksgiving. The volunteers then join together in a meal themselves at St. Mark’s.

Christmas Bazaar

Like Thanksgiving, the Christmas Bazaar is part fellowship, part fundraiser. On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, nearly every room in the church is given over to one category of merchandise or other, all donated by members of the parish and local community. People line up down the block to be the first to enter the bazaar, and about as many volunteers make it all happen. Proceeds fund the operation and mission of St. Mark’s.

Parish Picnic

On the second Sunday in June, you can find members of the parish at a local park enjoying each other’s company, playing games, and eating great food off the grill. Watch out for the infamous egg & spoon races.

Quilts & Crafts

On the first Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. (in non-winter months), a truly talented group of quilters descends on the Undercroft. Their quilts, made with as much love as skill, are the stuff of legend and always fetch the greatest value at the Bazaar.