Giving for Mission

Together in Love Any Way We Can

A church is both a physical place and the gathering of the people who form a beloved community, stitched together in the love of God. This special place on Pearl Street in Mystic is only special because of its wonderful people, who love, serve, cook, care, sing, pray, and bear witness to our God of love, peace, and justice. We long to be together in person once again, and in the meantime, we are coming together in love any way we can.

Thank you so much for being a part of the wonderful community of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. And thank you for doing your part in keeping us financially healthy enough to say “Yes” to so many opportunities God is placing before us. We look forward to a new year and new possibilities. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know we will, with God’s help, face it together in love any way we can.




Giving as Spiritual Discipline

We give back to God out of the myriad gifts God has showered upon us for two reasons. First, by giving back we stay in right relationship with God. We worship the giver instead of the gift. We live full lives enriched by multitudes of blessings instead of tiny lives in service to lifeless idols. And second, giving back offers us the opportunity to partner with God and use our unique constellations of gifts to turn the raw material of blessing into new and abundant life for all.

Our Giftedness

Our God-given gifts come in many forms: talents we’ve honed over the years, time we dedicate to service, and financial resources, to name three. At St. Mark’s, we walk in love in worship and song, in teaching and learning, in fellowship and in friendship, in going out into the world in peace to see, name, and celebrate God’s presence. Our participation in God’s mission involves countless hours by myriad volunteers: Sunday worship leaders, children and youth ministries guides, altar preparers, flower arrangers, Eucharistic visitors, event organizers, knitters, singers, painters, carpenters, vestry members, and mission workers, to name a few.

The Story We Tell

The money we spend each year to support God’s mission at St. Mark’s flows nearly all from the generous financial pledges of over 100 individuals and households. Each autumn, members of the parish join together in pledging their financial resources to God’s mission for the next calendar year. Knowing these numbers helps us generate the next year’s budget. Once completed, this budget helps narrate the story we are able to tell as one chapter of God’s people serving God’s mission.