How to use ZOOM for Online Offerings

EDIT: ZOOM has recently updated their security procedures mandating passwords for all meetings. Please see the most recent e-Tale email or call the church office for the passwords for our regular Wednesday and Thursday ZOOM calls.

We have set up a ZOOM account for St. Mark’s, which allows us to come together via video conference. We are hosting a number of events and classes over ZOOM in the coming weeks. Here’s how to join.

Every ZOOM meeting has a “Meeting ID Code”: either a nine or ten digit number that puts you in the correct meeting, just like any old conference call might. If you already have the ZOOM application loaded on your personal computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, then all you need is the Meeting ID. Open up the ZOOM app and click “join.” You will be prompted to input the Meeting ID, and that’s it!

Desktop or Laptop Computer

If you need to download the ZOOM client for a desktop or laptop computer, click this link ( and type in the Meeting ID for the meeting you will be joining. The application will download to your computer, and after it is done setting up, it will direct you right into the meeting.

When you enter a meeting, it will prompt you to connect your audio. The most common way to do this is to connect audio over the internet using your computer’s microphone. (Though there is a phone option if your computer does not have a microphone.)

Tablet or Smartphone (video)

Download the ZOOM app from Apple app store or Google play store. At the time of the meeting go to the ZOOM app and type in the “Meeting ID.”

Phone (calling in without video)

Call this number: (646) 876-9923. When prompted type in the Meeting ID code.

ZOOM is a very easy platform to use, even for the least tech-savvy of us. Even so, problems do arise. Please email or call Pastor Adam if you have trouble setting it up. or 860-448-5881.

Here is a one-minute video from Zoom showing how to log in.

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