150th Anniversary Kickoff Event

On Sunday, April 30th, we celebrated the feast day of St. Mark, our patron saint, and the kickoff of our events for the 150th anniversary of the church. Marianne Wydler and team put out a tremendous spread and a full house enjoyed the retrospective look at the history of the church. And we got energized for the plethora of mission opportunities in our community that we will engage in this year to continue our celebration.

Technically, 2017 is the 150th anniversary of the building of St. Mark’s, but Fr. Adam reminded us in his sermon for the day that the church is much more than a building. Read it here.

Terry Stefanski put together this fabulous retrospective look at the 150 years of St. Mark’s. View it below or download it here.


Philip Kuepper, our “poet laureate,” according to Sr. Warden Ken Knott, penned a beautiful stanzas for the event.

The Pearl

by Philip Watson Kuepper

Two thousand years ago, Mark rose
To the surface of history,
As a scribe to Peter’s
Reminiscing that became
The body of Mark’s Gospel,
Word and flesh become one.

Later, Mark sailed,
With Paul, to Cyprus,
Preaching Jesus as they went;
Later, still, to Alexandria,
Where he founded a church,
Was chosen bishop,
Was executed by those
Too blind to see
The way of the never dimming
Light, a Light
More wondrous than Pharos.

Come 815, Venetian sailors
Disinterred Mark’s body,
Smuggling it to their island city,
Such act, a kind of resurrection,
Resurrection, Mark’s emblem
Come to pass, because of
Mark’s Gospel
Closing with the Resurrection,
The Resurrection, an opening,
(sweet paradox),
to a life more lasting.

Ten and a half centuries later,
Rose St. Mark’s, Mystic,
Its mission parish organized, 1865.
Land was purchased. Building began,
Its cornerstone laid, 1866,
A pearl, in Pearl Street,
In the oyster, Mystic,
The first service become word
A century and a half ago,
Christmas morning, 1867,
Word we witness, still,
Here, where we dwell,

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