Sign Up to Write the Lenten Alphabet

For this year’s Lenten reflections, we’ll be teaming up to write a series of reflections about important words in our Christian faith using the alphabet as our guide. Each reflection is short – no more than 300 words – so they are designed to give us just a moment of pause each day of Lent, an opportunity to ponder and pray for a moment with a word we might not normally think about. If you’d like to sign up to write one of these reflections, please email Fr. Adam.

Here’s a list of the words we will be reflecting on. If one tickles your fancy, we’ll try to assign it to you if possible.

  • A is for Ashes
  • B is for Blessing
  • C is for Creation
  • D is for Doubt
  • E is for Eucharist
  • F is for Forgiveness
  • G is for Grace
  • H is for Hope
  • I is for Idolatry
  • J is for Justice
  • K is for Kingdom
  • L is for Love
  • M is for Mercy
  • N is for Neighbor
  • O is for Obedience
  • P is for Prayer
  • Q is for Quiet
  • R is for Repentance
  • S is for Sacrifice
  • T is for Trust
  • U is for Unity
  • V is for Vow
  • W is for Word
  • X is for Christ
  • Y is for Yes
  • Z is for Zeal


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